Order the author's copy

Most of the paintings are available to be orders as author's copy except sketch artworks and rough drawings. In case of author's copy the painting is being created at a high professional level by hand of the artist. Basically, any artwork is being done after certain art experiments, reflections, based on plein air sketches or drawings. Therefore, remake of the previous subject creates a certain fresh approach to the artwork and makes it possible to improve composition and color, remove some roughness if any were noticed and made in original work. Any copy or remake comes out as a better and interesting version if we speak about last ten years of artist professional experience. 

As per customer preferences artist can make any additions once those are discussed. Unless the painting can be remade as an original one and become an exact copy. One of the author's copy benefits is the possibility to choose the canvas size proportionally.

All the artworks are being done in the same technique and become the author's refrain keeping the art value and market price on par with the original ones. 

Please press "Order copy" or contact us using feedback form. Any order is a preliminary quote request and does not bind the Customer to anything until the moment of conditions and timings agreement. 

Timing of the copy accomplishment are dependent on artwork complexity and canvas size. As a rule it takes about one to two weeks including time for the drying up the oil coat. Non-standard size artworks demand more time in order to prepare necessary size of stretcher. The pastous art and non-standard techniques need extra time stipulated by the creating process.